The Wraith Chronicles

January 18, 2025: The first AI to be recognized as fully aware

June 05, 2027: Sexbots are the latest craze

October 7, 2028: NYPD approach Real Companions for a police bot

April 15, 2030: The first human-robot marriage

August 15, 2030: Scientist develop molecular fMRI scanners

July 25, 2031: Woman Divorces Husband for Robot

September 25, 2035: Robots with PTSD?

December 25, 2035: Companion Robot gives birth!

December 12, 2036: Doctors Remove brain from a diseased body and keep it alive! 

July 5, 2037: Protests demanding the banning of robot companions

October 21, 2037: Scientist successfully transfer a person’s mind to a machine

February 14, 2038: Scores of reports of robot companions being attacked.

March 12, 2039: Human brain transferred to a robotic body.

May 13, 2039: Kokoro, Corp

August 11, 2040: Millions are seeking Kokoro, Corp

July 4, 2041: Teenagers Hack a Companion model and upload their deceased Grandmother!

July 15, 2041: Martian Colony Curiosity is now a full-fledged city.

July 31, 2041: Kokoro, Corp hires the teenagers that uploaded their grandmother into a companion

December 27, 2042: Wraith Rights?

May 24, 2043: Cyborg is confused to be a Companion and was attacked

April 7, 2045: Model Jane52 involved in mass murder and commits suicide!

November 21, 2047: Many Companion bots suddenly become violent

January 20, 2048: A triumph for the Companion bot industry in SCOTUS

March 16, 2048: Congress entertaining federal ban on emotional machines.

September 20, 2048: Government passes mandatory registration act for emotional machines

February 14, 2049: Many are dumping companions to avoid forced registration

April 20, 2050: Politicians argue death is a part of life and should be embraced not circumvented

May 25, 2051: Thousands all over the world protesting and demand for the end of emotional machines!

December 05, 2052: The European Union has placed a ban on all emotional machines

December 6, 2052: Stock Markets crash on news of EU ban

January 15, 2053: Thousands protest the EU ban and demand for robot rights

June 01, 2053: A Loving couple struggling with EU ban

August 21, 2054: US Building incinerators for reasons unknown

December 3, 2054: The US enacts a ban on all emotional machines

January 5, 2055:  Thousands protest US ban of emotional machines

October 16, 2055: Swat Team prepares for a home invasion to remove companion.

November 18, 2055: Cyborg mistakenly incinerated in robot furnace

February 14, 2056: Incinerator bombed

May 23, 2058: A message from the Wraith

March 11, 2059: Countries facing sanctions for harboring Wraith and companion owners.

April 21, 2095: A brilliant flash of light near the planet Jupiter last night

April 29, 2095: All Martian colonies have been obliterated!